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Homeopathy Clinic
Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine used by people world-wide for over 200 years. It acknowledges that the body is capable of self-healing and is stimulated to achieve a curative state by prescribing the right medicine for the individual and supporting key systems of the body. The symptoms you are experiencing are only part of how you may have become ill. Homeopathic medicine is non-toxic and non-addictive and perfect for everyone including children, pregnant women and the elderly. It can be taken either on its own or alongside conventional medication.
At the Homeopathic Clinic, patients come in with a wide range of complaints such as eczema and skin related disorders, repeated ear infections, warts and growing pains and behavioural issues including ADHD and Autism, PMT, depression, unresolved grief and emotional issues, Hay Fever and recurrent infections of all types, to name but a few.

A first consultation is typically an hour long and within that time the adult or child will get an opportunity to tell their particular health story whilst the homeopath tries to find the reason that the patient has become ill.
For example, in conventional medicine, the treatment of Hay Fever is the same for everyone - antihistamines, but the Homeopathic approach is different. 10 people with the same disease of Hay Fever may each be prescribed a different Homeopathic medicine because it is given based on the person’s individual and unique character, rather than the disease.

The huge success of Homeopathic medicine is based upon this bespoke method because it focuses on how you became ill, your emotions, your diet and lifestyle and your unique response to the disease you have. No wonder Homeopaths have so many patient referrals!
  • Homeopathy can be given to babies, adults, the older generation as well as animals
  • Homeopathic pills are non-addictive and have no side effects plus they taste nice and easily dissolve on the tongue
  • It can be given alongside conventional medicine
  • The Homeopathic consultation is long enough to tell your unique story, everything you say is relevant to how you feel
Wenda is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. She trained in London at the London College of Homeopathy for four years. Wenda has been practising at The Centre in Hythe for 9 years now and also at a clinic in Ashford.

Pop into The Centre to find out more. Wenda is here all day Tuesday, Wednesday mornings and most Saturday mornings.

Appointments include all homeopathic medicines.

Wenda often runs courses so look out for them on the Events page so you don’t miss out!

Homeopathy Fees

  • Adult first consultation: £55
  • Children’s first consultation: £40
  • Adult follow-up consultations (usually every 4 - 6 weeks): £38
  • Children follow-up consultations (usually every 4 - 6 weeks): £28
  • All pre-school children are charged at £25 per appointment
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