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Nutrition Clinic

Victoria Shorland - Allergy Testing / Food Intolerance Therapist and Registered Nutritionist (MBANT, CNHC, RSM)

I have been working in these fields for over ten years. I work alongside the Bariatric Team at the Spire St Saviours Hospital in Hythe and private practise. We will also be selling a carefully selected range of vitamins, minerals and products, chosen for their quality and value for money.

Allergy Testing / Food Intolerances

As a Nutritionist, I believe it is essential that people do not exclude food groups without proper management, as they are likely to create other health problems if they do this. I can carry out allergy testing/food intolerance testing, giving results on the same day, along with the supporting advice. Patients will become members of my helpline so they get ongoing support and guidance.
IBS Specialist Clinic / General Health Clinic

I provide specialist advice to help alleviate symptoms for a wide range of health problems: IBS, constipation, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, allergies, menopause, joint problems, ADHD, PCOS, ME, depression, and many more.
The IBS Specialist Clinic is something I have wanted to run for some time, as I feel there is a gap in healthcare where these patients are concerned. Through one to one support, I can work with the patient to enable them to either manage their symptoms better or actually be symptom free.


This will cover the clients complete case history, a food diary needs to be provided (7 day period) and information about medications and supplements...

A valuable service I offer as part of my clinical practice is the helpline, which enables patients to contact me via email following their appointment, should they have any questions and need support. This is free and I have found it enables patients to achieve long term results and where needed manage their symptoms more effectively.

Eat to Live Fees

  • Consultation: from £58
  • Special rates for low income earners and over 65s
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